Using WordPress to run your church web site

The first session in our step-by-step guide to running your church web site with WordPress.

Get Started

Getting started with WordPress

In this session we learn how to get started with WordPress either by using or by installing the software on our own domain.

Pick a Theme

Pick a Theme

One of the first things new users do is to change the theme from the default one. For that reason we shall cover installing and choosing your theme in this session.

Add Some Content

Add Some Content

Now that you have a working WordPress site, it is time to start creating some content.

Plugins & Widgets

Widgets & Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is the ability to extend its features and functions by installing additional plugins and using widgets.

Latest News & Tutorials


churchuna – a WordPress publishing platform for churches

We have been helping churches harness the power of the WordPress web publishing platform since 2005. In that time this blog and its showcase of chruches using WordPress has grown and evolved, as has WordPress itself. churchuna builds on this experience to provide an easy and connected platform for churches that is powered by the.. continue reading »»


Event Calendar Plugins for Your Church Web Site

One essential feature of any church web site is the ability to manage events in some way. Many simply use Google Calendar which is also a great way of sharing the same data with other poeple and applications, while others crave a more integrated way of handling events within WordPress itself. The first time I.. continue reading »»


Make your church web site more social with BuddyPress

Have you heard of BuddyPress? Put simply it turns your WordPress powered church web site into a social network! I published an introductory post last week over on the Living Open Source blog about Building Community with BuddyPress, claiming: It could make your church online a place to hang out, rather than just a place to read about your.. continue reading »»

Front End Editor - Edit mode

Make life easier for your users with the WordPress Front End Editor

The success of WordPress has been due in part to its ease of use, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. The Front End Editor plugin by scribu (Silviu-Cristian Burcă), is likely to delight your church office staff because it will not only make it easier to edit content on your WordPress church.. continue reading »»

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